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UNEVOC Center Yaba College of Technology, Lagos Nigeria Celebrates World Environment Day, 2014

The UNEVOC Center, Yaba College of Technology, Lagos Nigeria joined the rest of the world in the celebration of the 2014 United Nations World Environment Day. The UNEVOC team was at the World Environment Day (WED) celebration and public lecture organized by the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Management (SETPOM) at the University of Lagos Nigeria. The Guest speaker, Professor Ademola Omojola of Geography Department, University of Lagos, lectured on the theme; Raise Your Voice, Not The Sea Level.


setpom members

Pix 1 - SETPOM Members at the event

In his lecture, Prof. Omojola stated that: “ the climate has naturally changed greatly over geological timescales due to natural causes such as; continental drift, variations in earth’s orbit around the sun (Milankovitch cycles), sun-busts and flares, variations in greenhouse gases, changes in solar output, volcanic eruptions, cosmic collisions and particulate matter in the atmosphere (aerosols).” Prof Omojola further explained that “for successful adaptation to climate change we need to recognize that adaptation must happen at the local level, Identify key vulnerabilities – exposure, sensitivity, adaptive capacity, Involve all key stakeholders, set priorities for action based on projected and observed impacts – magnitude, timing, persistent/reversibility, likelihood/certainty, importance, equity and chose adaptation options based on a careful assessment of efficacy, risks and costs.”

Also celebrating and raising their voices at the 2014 United Nations World Environment Day Celeration were: Dr M. K Ladipo, Rector Yaba College of Technology, represented by Dr Lauretta Ofodile, Dr Funmilayo Doherty Chairman, Local Organizing Committee, WED event and Prof Bayo Otitoloju, President SETPOM.
Find below Galleries of the occasion.

Dr Doherty

Pix 2 - The LOC Chairman, Dr Doherty addressing the audience

Guest Lecturer

Pix 3 - The Guest Lecturer being interviewed


Pix 4 - Cross section of participants at the event

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