4th Inaugural Lecture

Title:               Effective Delivery of Construction Projects in Nigeria and the Role of the "Cost Counter"
Presented By: Mr. Uduak I. Inyang-Udoh  mniqsMr Inyang-Udoh
                      Chief Lecturer, Department of Quantity Surveying,
                      School of Environmental Studies
                      Yaba College of Technology, Yaba Lagos, Nigeria
Date:             Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Brief of the Lecture

The lecture started with the message that, projects are not considered to be effectively delivered if; they are not delivered on time, with effective cost and with the right quality. It also stated that no two construction projects are the same, and shed light on the importance of a Quantity Surveyor or Cost Counter who has the responsibility of the cost counting and procurement process of construction projects which are the important keys to effective delivery of every construction project.

He traced the evolution of the cost counter which sprang up during the 18th century with the Industrial Revolution where the need for uniformity in construction became important, and  emphasized on the practice of the Quantity Surveying profession and procurement management in Nigeria with emphasis on pre-qualification of contracts. He exposed the deficiency in the pre-qualification process in Nigeria as against the increasing pre-qualification of contractors that handle projects especially, in the public sector projects which  has  not been giving clients the value for their money.

In proffering lasting solutions to the identified challenges above, he emphasized the need for a paradigm shift with a proactive attitude to ensure adverts for pre-qualification of construction are effectively carried out to guide the choice of right consultant and contractor for construction projects. He recommends among others:

  • All ministries at Federal and State level should establish Division/Department of Quantity Surveying to deal  with all matters of cost  and procurement management of all projects to enable them do thorough search and cost of  all projects before the award, to significantly reduce  contracts variations to the bearest  minimum.
  • The procurement process should be made more transparent.
  • Quantity Surveyors should be made to have input and play prominent role in due process office to engender competition, ensure transparency, and strict adherence to establish rules and procedures in procurement process. Quantity Surveyors should also be allowed to operate independently.
  • International standard forms of contract in use in Nigeria should be appraised and amended to suit domestic reality.
  • Cost counting exercise should start at the project conception and should run throughout the design and construction stages of the project to be effectively delivered.
  • Cost counting and pre-qualification exercise should be given time to be carried out if projects are to be effectively delivered within the target quality, cost and time.



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