3rd Inaugural Lecture

Title:               Bond: The Elizir for Strenght
Presented By: Dr. Engr. Kehinde B. Osifala  fnse
                      Chief Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering,
                      School of Engineering
                      Yaba College of Technology, Yaba Lagos, Nigeria
Date:             Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Brief of the Lecture

He started with his educational pursuit, after which he discussed two important engineering issues; Engineering education and collapsing of building structure before finally talking on bond between concrete and steel.

In the area of engineering education and training, he faulted Plato’s theory of separation of brain and hand which he described as being unfashionable because the reality of our time is that we need engineers that can use their brains and hands. This, he used to justify the need for the creation of technical universities and degree awarding institution that would afford the attainment of terminal degree and produce high level technical manpower.

He discussed the falling standard of engineering education and gave a number of useful suggestions which includes the redesigning of the engineering curriculum in modules .He recommended a two-year engineering program for technicians and engineers and mentioned  the qualities  required of future engineers to bridge the gap between towns.

On structural failure, he identified three points to be noted in the diagnosis of structural failure; the mode, the causes and responsibility for failure. The possible causes of building collapse were also enumerated. He recommended the inclusion of failure theory and its implication in the civil engineering curriculum and opined that empirical structural engineers should be empowered, and structural failure  should be investigated with  findings made public.

In the area of bond between concrete and steel, he defined structural materials and zeroed on concrete and steel responsive which are used today to reinforce concrete. He defined bond in terms of corrosion on bond. The research work which he generated considerable data can be seen to be on a tripod, finding an alternate cheaper and  effective  coating effective materials, investigating parameters that affect bonds and improvement of bond resistance material on uncoated bar and other new materials.

He broke new grounds with the discovery of “vinyl chloride” which is a cheaper and more effective coating material. He generated data on parameters that affect bond. He successfully improved the bond strength of coating bars by the sequential application of the proceeds on tyrolin. He linked bond to socio-political issues in Nigeria. He equated bond to unity between ethnic groups and demonstrated the possible effect of bond on a group.

He concluded with some recommendations for engineering education, collapse of building structure and research investigation.


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