ARTI Lecture Series

The ARTI Lecture series is the annual lecture being organized in the college to educate members of the academic community on the leading topical issues in the areas of Research and Development (R&D), Science, Technology and Innovation. The ARTI Lecture Series VI which was on Evaluation of the Effectiveness of (Our) Local/Artisan Production Technology in a Globalized World Economy was presented by a renowned and seasoned professional, Engr. (Dr.) Bindir (Director-General of National of Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP)).It is interesting to note that the centre recorded a resounding success on the programme,which attracted members of staff and students. Some of the objectives of the lecture as proposed include:

  • To expose participants to the effectiveness of our local production technology in meeting consumer needs.
  • To expose participants to the role of synergy in local production technologies for the creation of competitive edge in the present day globalised production economy.

Others ARTI Lecture series which had been organized include:

  1. Biotechnology Research & Enterprises Development in Nigeria
  2. Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  3. Nuclear Energy and National Development
  4. Effective Deployment of Research and Innovation for Optimal Manufacturing: Policy Framework and Institutional Arrangement 

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