Dr Albert Kolawole Odunlade

Dr. Odunlade, a principal lecturer in the Department of Biological Science, Yaba College of Technology, holds a PhD in Animal Biotechnology from the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNABB) and an M.Sc in Biology (Genetics and Environmental Biology) from the University of Lagos. He is currently the head of session Environmental Biology unit of the Department of Biological Science. The areas of his researches include the effect of plant extract on chromosomes, reproductive system of mammals, fertility and environmental mutagenesis and cancer cells. He has worked on several herbal plants such as Azadirachita indica, Moringa oliefera, Mormodica foetida, Occimum gratissiumum and Bridellia ferruginea. He is also an expert in breeding of laboratory Animals and African giant snail Archachantina maginata. He has been lecturing Applied Genetics related courses, Cell Biology and General Biology for over a decade. He was a pioneer team member of Center of Applied Research and Technology Innovation (ARTI).
He is a member of Biotechnology Society of Nigeria, Genetics Society of Nigeria, International Society for Applied Life Sciences (ISALS). He has organized several result oriented conferences and has been author and co-author of several conference papers, journals and textbooks. A list of his publications appears below. He has been an external examiner to some higher institutions of learning.
Dr. Odunlade is happily married and blessed with children.

Dr Odunlade

Contact Info:
Department of Biological Sciences
Yaba College of Technology,
Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.

Phone: +2348033360197
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

List of Publications

  • Odunlade A.K., Adebambo O.A., Osinowo A.O., Ozoje M.O., Adebambo A.O., Odeyemi O.A (2014). Genotoxic of Azadirachta Indica on the Reproductive Function of Male Albino Rats. International journal of natural products research. 4(1): 1-5.
  • Odunlade A.K., Nwaoha O.C., Ashade O.O., Ojokuku S.A., Taiwo I.A., Adebambo A.O., Adeoye A.O., (2014). Teratogenic Effect of the Ethanolic Leaf Extract of Mormodica  foetidaschum (Cururbitaceae) in the Morphology of Foetal Sprague Dawley Rats. Caribbean Journal of Science and Technology 2:471-481.
  • Odunlade A.K., Taiwo I.A., Adebesin A.O. (2014). Hepatoxicity of Aqueous Leaf Extract of bridelia ferruginea on the Liver of Albino Rats. International Journal of Advances in Pharmacy, Biology and Chemistry 145-146
  • Odunlade A.K., Taiwo I.A (2013). Effect of Moringa oleifera on Hyperglycaemiic Response Induced By Subchronic Fructose Feeding In Susceptibilitu Of Rats. International research journal of pharmaceutical and applied sciences (IRJPAS) 3B: 39-41.
  • Ashade O.O, Odunlade A.K, and Ashiru A.W (2012). The prevalence of Candida and Albican and Staphylococcus aureus in the vagina of female students in tertiary institutions in Lagos State Nigeria. International Journal of Research and Advancement in Microbiology 4(1) 15-21.
  • Dawodu A.O, Balogun O.I, Ojokuku S.A and Odunlade A.K (2012). Effect of Processing on the Anti-nutritive and Toxic substances in some plant materials. International Journal of Science and Society 2:142-150
  • Dawodu A.O, Ojokuku S.A, Odunlade A.K and Osifeso T.A.(2012). Effect of oral administration of anti-pile decoction in lipid profile and some target organs of Albino Rats. International Journal of Science and Society 2:23-28.
  • Odunlade A.K, Ashiru A.W, Ashade O.O, Ojokuku S.A and Taiwo I.A (2011). The Glycaemic Effect Of Aqueous Extract of Ocimum gratissimum in normal and alloxan-Diabetic Albino Rats. International Journal of Biological Science 3(1) 148-153.
  • Odunlade A.K, A.O Dawodu, S.A Ojokuku, E.T Adebambo  and T.A (2011). Mutagenic Effect of Artesunate phosphate on male Reproductive organ of Mammals using Albino Rat as a model. International Journal of Science & Society 1:126-133.
  • Oshineye, O.M., Ashade, O.O. and Odunlade, A.K. (2009). Isolation, Identification and Prevalence of Parasites on Clarias gariepinus from four selected river systems. Journal of Research in Bioscience, Vol. 6(2).
  • Ajado, S.O., Odunlade, A.K. and Ashiru, A.W. (2007). An Assessment of Processing Method on the Nutritional Quality of Cocoyam and Cassava Leaves. Yabatech Journal of Technology Vol. 1(2).
  • Abiodun A.A., C.C. Ojiodu, Popoola, E.O. and Odunlade, A.K. (2007). Monitoring and Evaluation of Liquid Effluent Discharges of some Manufacturing Industries in the Ikeja Industrial Area of Lagos State. International Journal of Chemistry Vol. 17(1) 45-55pp.
  • Odunlade, A.K., Ajado, S.O. and Ashade, O.O. (2006) The effect of soil types on the physiology and Cytology of Earthworm (Lumbricus Terrestris). Akoka Journal of Pure and Applied Science Education. Vol. 7 (1) 247-255.
  • Adewole A.O., Odunlade A.K (2006). Effect of Potassium Bromate on Chromosomes Obtained From Bone Marrow of White Rat. International journal of food science and agricultural research. Vol 3:6.
  • Odunlade, A.K. Ajado, S.O. and Asado, O.O. (2006) Comparative study of the antimalaria activity of Azadirachta indica (Neem), Cymbopogon citrates (Lemon grass) and Alaxin drug. Akoka Journal of Pure and Applied Science Education Vol. 7(1) 188 – 196pp.
  • Oyelola, O.T., Odunlade, A.K. and Babatunde, A.I. (2004) Quantitative Estimate of Ascorbic and Content of Soft-drinks. Journal of Women in Technical Education and Employment Vol. 2. 51-58.

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