Dr(Mrs.) Kanife, Uche Claris

Dr(Mrs.)Kanife, Uche .C is a botanist with Mycology/Biotechnology (ethnobotany) as area of specialization.She has great interest in scientific research and so has worked on several medicinal plants of tropical and temperate origin with a view of isolating and characterizing novel antibiotics and bioactive substances with therapeutic properties. These substances or plant extracts could be used as herbal drugs and so serve as alternatives to synthetic drugs used in treating various skin diseases,diabetes, stomach disorder and other tropical ailments.

Her major breakthrough was the isolation of a bioactive compound from a tropical commonly grown forage grass (Panicum maximum) which evoked contraction of uterine muscles in a way similar to an orthodox drug (Ergometrine) used to  induce labour and control bleeding  after childbirth in several maternity hospitals in the urban and rural birth centres in the tropics. Bleeding after childbirth is a leading cause of maternal mortality inAfrica. World Health Organization (WHO) statistics suggests that 25% of maternal deaths are due to postpartum hemorrhage accounting to more than100,000 maternaldeaths per year. The search for alternative herbal drugs from local tropical plants became necessary due to unavailability, adulteration and high cost of most imported synthetic drugs. This research finding has long been registered for patent since it is novel. However, the process of complete characterization and structural elucidation of the bioactive complete is still in view.   Investigations on several fungal diseases which attack some tropical crops and the use of botanicals with antifungal properties in controlling these diseases have been done. The safe use of some of the medicinal plants studied has been ascertained through toxicity studies.

She is currently carrying out a research on fungal diversity in Nigerian bird’s nest using molecular tools with a view of discovering new tropical thermophilic fungi which could generate electric current. This research is worthwhile since energy generation is a key issue of great concern in Nigeria. 

Furthermore, her other ongoing research includes:

  • Isolation of antifungal and antibacterial compounds from plants with fragrance collected from different locations in Lagos state
  • Invitro cultivation of indigenous lichen on synthetic substrate  and investigation of their antimicrobial properties
  • Investigation of fungi associated with root diseases of commonly grown vegetable crops around Lagos state and the management of these diseases. 

She is presently writing a standard Plant Pathology Textbook (as a co-author) which can be used for teaching Plant pathology course in tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

She has published some of her research findings in reputable international Journals haven presented them in several scientific conferences held within and outside Nigeria. She has also seven completed projects which are yet to be published.

Dr. (Mrs.) Kanife  is a member of several professional bodies which includes Botanical Association of Nigeria, Society for Applied Microbiology, Organization of Women in Science for Developing World, Nigerian society for experimental Biology, Parasitological and Public health Society of Nigeria, Society of Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Management, and Society for Medicinal Plants and Natural Product Research (GA). 

Artist Balogun

Contact Info:
Dept. of Biological Science,
Yaba College of Technology,
Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.

Phone: +234 (0) 806 065 3964, (0) 802 204 5057
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