The UNEVOC Centre, Yaba College of Technology, invite participation from students in a Debate Competition for World Youth Skills Day 2019 event. The theme of this year’s event is Innovative and Entrepreneurial Skills for Development.

Listed below are important information for the Debate Competition:
•    The Debate Topic is: Innovative Digital Literacy and Entrepreneurial Skills have led to success in the 21st Century
•    Each department is allotted a slot of 2 (two) debate participants who should be a female and male.
•    Please note that each of the debaters should prepare for opposing views i.e. one person will support while the other will oppose the topic.
•    Kindly forward details (Name, Dept, Matric No., Phone Number, Email Address) of the debaters and write-up on the debate topic to the UNEVOC Centre, YCT or yabatechunevoc@gmail.com before June 15, 2019

Other event details are:
Date:          July 15, 2019
Venue:        Yaba College of Technology Multipurpose Hall
Time:          10a.m. – 1pm 

Participation is invited from all departments of the College.


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