Yaba College of Technology UNEVOC centre and Women in Technical education and employment (WITED), Yaba College of Technology chapter recently collaborated with Women in Technology in Nigeria to train girls between the ages of 13 and 25 in the use of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) for entrepreneurial development. The training which held 2nd to 4th October, 2014 was handled by WITIN, headed by the President, Martha O. Alade. Some WITED members participated under the supervision of the Coordinator Dr Lauretta N. Ofodile.


The training held in a fully equipped computer laboratory, Statistics department, School of Science, Yaba College of Technology. The girls were exposed to the use of computers and operating systems, Email and internet which includes internet surfing. They were introduced to word processing during which they were taught how to design flyers, invitation cards and resume on Microsoft word. The girls learnt to use spread sheets for budgeting to enable them prepare business start- up budgets and monthly budgets, business financial organisation in general. The use of multimedia for presentations of business proposals, marketing plan and sales presentations using power points were clearly taught.

Other entrepreneurship activities learnt at the program includes branding. Girls learnt to design logos, package label design, business cards, letterhead and receipt, brochure, sales catalogue, survey form and posters.


Climaxes of the training were the activity on mind map drawing and website design. The girls were taught how to design free personal website on Google sites. Mind map was the most interesting and impacting aspect of the training from the opinion of the girls in the interview conducted by WITIN. They were taught and made to draw maps of their future business plans which can be viewed at a glance. According to the girls this activity has helped them to think and to put down their business plan which hopefully, they can bring to reality in future.

On the last day of the training trainees presented their personal learning experiences using power points. It is planned that some of the girls will train about 1500 girls in November, 2014.


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