Engr. Femi Omokungbe, Rector, Yaba College of Technology, opened the YCT Open Distance and Flexible Learning (ODFL) Training for Staff of the College on the 24th of April 2018 at the ultra modern CBT Centre, College Central Research Laboratory. In attendance at the opening ceremony were other College principal officers including the Deputy Rector (academic), Deputy Rector (administration) and the Registrar. The event was co-hosted by the College's Flexible Skills Development Centre, National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) and M8 Global Know Network Limited under the Tertiary Institutions E-Learning Resource Project (TIER).
In his speech, the Rector praised the ongoing initiative and asked participants to take advantage of the workshop to learn and be ready to apply the knowledge for the benefit of the students and the entire College community. The 3-day workshop had participants (teaching staff) from 12 departments of the College approved under the TIER project. This cascaded event is a hands-on workshop comprising various sessions from facilitators who initially trained in December 2017.

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